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released September 22, 2012



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For The Sake Of Leaving Napoli, Italy

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Track Name: Dark Keeps Eating My Pencils
I am tired of digging graves
I will wash away your scars
No regrets and no turning backs
We will never give up on us

We are gathered here today
Thousand voices, we will be heard
Follow this sailing ship
We are running away from this shore, sharks at our backs

My will is strong enough

The sky is torn apart
The waves have pushed us too far
But I keep stand on the rocks
Dream of horizons

Nations have crumbled down
Swallow'd away by the sea
The worst is yet to come
But I feel fine
Track Name: John Dorian's Last Words
Some buildings are built to fall at the first touch
We were not ready for this new war
And I still stare, with my bare hands
Wondering why we came up to this
No answers, no breaths
I'm still trapped in these cement mazes
Broken dreams in pieces, on the floor
In this cold white room I can't find the door

I won't be one of you
Staring and afraid of the consequences

My will is strong enough
I've got my own life in my hands

I won't embrace your silence
It's time to raise my voice, so listen up
You can have my word, in this little box of hell we will find ourselves
Don't stop this at all
We need to stay true to ourselves
You got your best friends to watch your back
They are your family
Keep it up, keep it up, hold your head up high
We are molding our self made future

We need to fight this all
So pick up your feet

And I won't forget, those days, those times
When we used to climb high trees
And nothing mattered
And nothing mattered at all
Track Name: We Aim To Be M&M's Endorsers
There is no sun, no stars
Only the last of our goodbyes, no seas
Only the smell of our decease

But still I wake up, still I can taste the morning sight
So throw these hands, let's hail the day with our embrace
It's our own minds for hire, let's open it up and fill that empty space
With all the dreams we used to aim

Set our eyes up high
Clouds will turn to light
Cause today, we fight

In this struggle our fists are open fields
We'll share our scars with our friends as we all reach the sky

As it is lighter, oil will float on water
For they are purer, our hearts will float over you
Track Name: Struggling To Find The Right Words
But what if I give up?
What if I'd suddenly decide to blow up the building
And watch it crumble to the ground, brick after brick
What if I told you I don't really care about the future I had planned so hard
And that I'd trade all my fucking yesterdays for a single tomorrow
With you.

And you know sometimes memories are just not enough
And we're here struggling to find the right words
Thinking about that night we have made the wrong moves
But not for me

This all is just in our heads
Your arms are deep in my chest
So let's warm our hands not to forget, I still believe. We Can. Hold. On.

I still believe, trust in my will, I won't give up.
Track Name: Meet Me In Montauk
You have thousands faces and none of them is looking at me
Just give me a good reason to sleep at night
I turned into something I can't recognize

I walk with eye sockets since I was born
And this is not going to stop
My own dreams are trapped beneath the cracks of my room
But that's not enough to destroy me
There's something missing and my eyes are blind
There's something missing and I can't hold on

My footsteps in the sand wiped out by your waves
You probably missed the part of me becoming a man
All I ask is a minute of your time
All I ask is your faith in me

Each and every single night I wait for you to come back home
And when you ask for my name you instantly fill the void
I am born again, rejoicing through your arms

I face every single day of my life
With the unbearable regret of what it could've been
I'm just waiting for the day
In which I can rest my mind once and for all
Track Name: Why We Fight
They say songs can express emotions, so that's what I do
I hold my pen, heart in my hands, this one goes out to you
I lost my faith somewhere along the way it's true
But trust me dear, I can assure, you helped me trust in you

Pieces of mind, scattered on the floor
Together we rebuild something to carry on
The sky is just a screen turned into standby
The stars above are just the tears that shine into our eyes

These darkest days
Your face will show me the way
And I'm here waiting to see
Your face to show me the way

Together we will sing
Until tomorrow comes, falling from your eyes
Together we will sing
Until tomorrow comes, falling from your eyes